The Many Uses Of A Single Burner Camp Stove

A single burner camp stove can have a number of different uses and can be ideal for those with limited space when camping. These camping stove products are small and compact, they require just a little extra space and have a conveniently small propane cylinder. Because they have just one burner, less fuel will be used, stretching your fuel supply. Depending on use, a single cylinder can last from a few days to up to a week. These propane tanks can be purchased from local mass marketing outlets, so they are available to just about anyone.

Here are a few of the many uses for a single burner camp stove. If you are a back packer, you know what it's like to find that your remote camp site doesn't allow fires. Since you need to be able to cook at least one healthy, high energy meal a day, a camping stove can be used just about anywhere, without a lot of setting up, waiting for charcoal or a fire to get going. You simply hook up the tank, light the stove and you are ready to cook immediately. When you are finished, you simply let it cool down completely, then pack it away for the next use.

A single burner camp stove is also a good idea to keep on hand in case of an emergency. Many people these days have an electric stove and oven in their homes, and when the power goes out there is no way to be able to cook or heat water, so a camping stove can provide you and your family with emergency cooking facilities. Again, because of their light weight and small size, they can be put away in your storage, garage, and utilized whenever needed. As long as the fuel canister remains in a cool environment, it will last a long time even when not in use. This also makes them great for stowing in the trunk of your vehicle, along with other emergency supplies.

While you can find a camping stove at a number of local retailers, many find that there is far more choices online. Several websites offer high quality single burner camping stove products, as well as a number of choices when it comes to fuel sources. Many find that propane canisters are more advantageous than other fuel sources, mainly because the canister is fully self contained, no messy white gas or other liquid fuels that may spill in your back pack or camping supplies.

One thing that many people are concerned with these days when it comes to a camp stove is cost. There are a wide range of single burner camping stove products available online, and prices can start at around $40. Now you may see some camp stove products that are cheaper, however they may not be the high quality you need when it comes to camping stoves, especially if you are a heavy camping fanatic. They tend to be constructed of lower grade materials, usually wearing out in a short period of time. A good quality camping stove will provide years of use, be easy to clean and maintain, and provide hot meals for you and your family.


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