Lightweight and Portable Canister Stoves

The canister stoves are available in various styles and have become quite popular with backpackers. A few of these canister stoves come supplied with a cooking pot; the lid is very versatile and serves as a frying pan. Therefore, the packer does not need to pack any other cookware. Canister stoves are among the easiest and lightest stoves you can use. All one has to do is turn the knob as there is no need to pump or prime. Just light it to get maximum heat.

Canister stoves are simple to operate, the flame is simple to adjust, it requires no maintenance and is relatively odorless and quiet. However, once the non-refillable container is empty, it can be troublesome to properly dispose of. One will find that these stoves burn cleanly on propane, butane or isobutene mixed with propane.

As far as camping stoves go, the backpacker will be sure to select the canister stove and choose the right fuel if he plans to camp in high altitudes or in extremely cold temperatures. Propane and butane fuels don't work the same when temperatures differ. Butane is hot burning but does not do well when the temperature drops below freezing; propane will work very well even when temperatures reach zero. There is one very important tip to remember: you should never cook full meals on canister stoves and do not use them inside of a tent.

Most of the canister stoves should be mounted on a disposable fuel canister right on its top. This makes it simple for the campers to mount their camping stoves as well as to pack them. Because the majority of these stoves can mount on a fuel bottle's top, it is not recommended that one use a windscreen with canister stoves since this may cause an excessive amount of heat that may lead to an explosion. If one has to make use of a canister stove with a windscreen, make sure the area you choose is large enough for air to enter so that the canister will not overheat.

Here is a great idea to provide a windscreen because it is simply your backpack set on its side, your sleeping bag rolled and stood on end or a sheet of aluminum foil that will help to block at least some wind. In order to test the stoves to see if they are putting out too much heat, just put a hand on them. If one's hand feels slightly warm then that is just fine. However, if a roaring sound is heard, it is an indication that the internal pressure is increasing higher than it should be, so turn it off right away.

Camping stoves that are lightweight can often weigh less than four ounces excluding the fuel and container. Better quality camping stoves have been designed to fit inside other apparatus used for camping, for example, cookware. Lightweight canister stoves and other camping stoves can make camping fun instead of a chore.


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